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The historical property “Gut Zichtau” is located near the hanseatic town Gardelegen, close to Hannover, Hamburg and Berlin.

Gut Zichtau is a unique place for culture, education, arts and events in the region “Altmark”. The 200-year-old country park, the historic buildings and the 16 theme gardens invite you all season and all day to discover the unique garden and cultural landscape in the heart of the Altmark. This is the place where art, culture and garden come together in a distinctive way.

Managed fully ecological, without pesticides, mineral fertilizers and without peat, the 16 themed gardens represent a special "Living Garden Catalog". Starting in spring to late autumn, the theme gardens impress with a variety of roses, mints, hydrangea and berry fruit and many more perennials, herbs, fruits and vegetables in the kitchen garden. Different designed gardens like family, Japanese, single, romantic, Tuscan, crystal, countryside and “nibble” garden present ideas for the whole family and invite to learn more about ecological farming and materials.

Along the park trails more attractions are waiting to be discovered by a walk through the facility. A red deer park and Scottish Highland cattle complete -among other things- the multifaceted range of leisure activities of Gut Zichtau as well as the historic waterfall, castle and horse pond and the first “Bachblütenkraftpfad“ in Germany.

The historic buildings are used as places for cultural, artistic and horticultural events of Gut Zichtau and the “gARTenakademie Saxony-Anhalt e.V.” which was founded in 2011. Experts and beginners, children and adults, students, garden friends and families: Gut Zichtau is a living community center that provides space for creativity, lifelong learning, vitality and garden delight for everyone.





Gut Zichtau
Am Gutshof 2
39638 Gardelegen OT Zichtau
039085 305