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Bad Pyrmont

Spa Garden Bad Pyrmont

Enjoy germanys most beautiful spa garden. The process of setting started in the 17th century. Julius Ludwig Rothweil outlined the design of the baroque alley system, starting from the “Hylligen Born”. Promiment visitors as Queen Luise of Prussia, Mogul Peter or Johann Wolfgang von Goethe enjoyed the spa garden. Continuous elaboration of the area until the 20th century up to 60 ha in the design of english landscape parks then were linked together with the original alley system. In the beginning of the 20th century the palmtree garden was founded. Today the main focus lies on the preservation of this park and garden architectural monument.

New developments of the park area can be seen at the recently designed asian park.


Botanical Variety in the spa garden

Visitors may enjoy more than 150.000 spring- and summerflowers in the alley of the fountains and in the palmtree garden. Fans of palmtrees may like to see such rare exhibition plants as the jellypalm or the senegal datepalm being part of the collection which shows more than 500 palmtrees.


The spa garden is also inhabited by distinctive trees. As for example the hopbeech, the tuliptree or the impressive red cedar trees. The visitors are invited to experience the path of the azaleas during blossoming time in may, or to enjoy a cup of tea under lime trees and sycamore trees at the tea-house in the “Garden of Telemann”, or to try out the barefoot trail with “Kneipp-gushing” afterwards.


All visitors may experience the spa garden with their personal perception. Therefore are about 8 km walking trails and 500 places to sit available.



Palmtree Garden, Garden of Telemann, Asian park, barefoot trail, Kneip-area, painters view, fairy tale garden, herbal garden



Kurpark Bad Pyrmont
Heiligenangerstraße 6,
31812 Bad Pyrmont

Niedersächsisches Staatsbad Pyrmont Betr. Ges. mbH

Michael Mäkler (Leitung Parkpflege)